Facts and information about personal injury and car accidents

Car accidents have become such a common occurrence in the society today and for this reason, many people simply dismiss them as a fact of life. It is true that car accidents may occur due to unavoidable circumstances but many times an accident is usually caused by someone’s carelessness. Most car accidents that have happened in the past could have been avoided if the other driver had been more careful.


Anyone who has been in a car accident knows that they can have a very negative impact on someone’s life. Forty percent of fatal accidents involve alcohol and if you have been in a car accident and attained injuries or even car damages, you need to know the facts and information about personal injuries and car accidents so that you decide whether to sue or speak to an insurance lawyer. Here are some of the facts about personal injuries and car accidents;

A personal injury is a life changing incident.

A personal injury can have a very intense effect upon you and every other person close to you both at home and at work. Personal injuries caused by car accidents can have a permanent effect on your life by leaving you either disabled or even mentally disturbed.

However, no matter how serious your injury is, what matters is the action you take regarding the injury. If you sustained the injury due to someone else negligence, then you may be at liberty to ask for compensation but this will only succeed after your claims have been proven.


You can make a claim for compensation.

The option of making a claim for compensation is open to anyone who has been injured in a car accident that was not their fault but there is also an option of making a complaint. As we had mentioned earlier, whether physical or psychological a personal injury can lead to long lasting consequences such as disability.

Even though some personal injuries acquired from car accidents usually heal in a short time, others may be sterner and have a traumatic effect on you and if this applies to your situation then you can make a claim for compensation. There are several ways of getting compensation for a personal injury which include;

  • Finding a lawyer or a firm that deals with claims management.
  • Undergoing the personal injury claims process.
  • Taking legal action.
  • Working with a claims assessor.
  • Using the criminal injuries compensation authority.
  • Employing the criminal injuries compensation order.
  • Finally undergoing the specialist compensation.

There are various personal injury law firms that will assist you make a claim with your own interest at heart because they will ensure that you get compensation for the pain and hassle caused during the accident by getting the best legal services you can find for you.

Personal injury legal costs.

Many people usually misunderstand this section because of lack of knowledge on the personal injury legal costs. Anyone looking for legal action for a personal injury caused by a car accident should know that this process can be costly unless you decide to have legal representation other than doing it yourself. If your case is a no win no fee situation, then you will not pay any fee to your representative if you lose your case.

However you will be required to cover expenses for the other party but in such a case your lawyer or solicitor will advise you to use your insurance for this. If you win then your representative’s fee will be covered by the other party. You can also make use of a Legal aid to assist you with any help you may require when preparing your case to go to court.


You can be given an out of court compensation.

Many people are not aware of the fact that you can be given an out of court settlement for your injury and in fact this procedure is usually considered cheaper and more preferable unlike going to court. If you decide to make a complaint, then you ought to approach one of the following people, NHS, Local authority, government, employer or police.

Note that if you decide to push forward a claim for personal injury compensation and it emerges that you had a hand in attaining the injury in some way, then the amount of compensation you ought to receive will be reduced. You will have to provide proof that you sustained your personal injury as a result of another person’s negligence.

However you should be aware that this process may delay matters because the whole procedure is time consuming and usually the end result will be nothing more than an apology.

Amount of compensation.

The first thing you have to take note of is that compensation is not meant to be a fortune because it is intended to cover any costs incurred by the injury so that you can get back to a slightly normal life. The amount of compensation given to someone is usually determined by the degree of the injury and how it has affected your life.

If you have a serious injury which has resulted into permanent disability and intense suffering then you will receive a higher amount of compensation compared to a person whose injury has caused lesser effects.

Finally, before you decide to sue or take any legal action for a personal injury caused by a car accident, you need to know what remedies the insurance company for the other driver is willing to offer you. This information will help you know if you have an under insured motorist coverage or not and from this you will have a potential law suit especially if your losses are higher than whatever your under insured motorist is willing to offer.

However you should note that insurance companies rarely cover non- economic damages such as Lose of spousal companionship, emotional distress, pain and suffering. Car accidents are seen as the most dangerous and also the most common cause of personal injuries. For this reason, you can use the factual information we have listed above to pursue any personal injury claim.